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Shot List Questionnaire

This will help us plan for your wedding portraits. Keep in mind that portraits take time, so the more combinations of people you’ll want, the more time we’ll need to set aside. We can also do more informal group shots during the reception.

You can expect to spend about 2-3 minutes per group, so 10 different combinations may take ~30 minutes. We’re happy to spend as much time with you on your portraits as you wish, as long as you have dedicated time into your timeline and things are running on schedule. We can help this run quicker and smoother if you have a close friend or family member who can assist in gathering groups of people for the shots.

Bride and Groom (couple) portraits would ideally get at least 20-30 minutes aside from group portraits. Individual portraits of Bride and Groom would ideally be done before the ceremony.

Thanks for taking the time to share this information to help us help your day run smoothly.

Important notes:

The list below is for formal portraits. Other typical shots, such as bride getting her makeup done, groom buttoning his jacket, key ceremony shots, reception moments, such as first dance, etc. are what we typically plan to document throughout the day. If you have special details you’d like us to be aware of or would like special documentation of, please feel free to let us know at any time.

Also, please don’t feel pressured about any of this! One of our best abilities is that of working on the fly. If you haven’t chosen a spot for your first look, we can help with that. If you aren’t sure how or when to get photos with your college friends and favorite co-workers, snag us any time and we’ll get what you need!

And always remember, breathe and smile!


Please complete the form below

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Wedding Date
If so, we can take care of more of the portraits before the ceremony and this will free up time during your cocktail hour. If not, be sure to leave time after the ceremony to do your portraits.
Describe if you have a particular vision for your first look (if you're planning to do one). If you are unsure it's okay. I am happy to help coordinate the details as we go.
How much time will be dedicated to bride & Groom portraits and family portraits? (Before ceremony, during cocktail hour, etc?)
Please list the names and relationships of the bride's immediate family that will be included in formal family portraits. This is often just parents and siblings. You are welcome to include grandparents, as well. Knowing their names will help me communicate with and get to know everyone a little better on your wedding day.
Same as above for Groom's family.
It is extremely helpful if you take the time to list out each group of people you want formal photos with. Use the space below to list the various combinations of groups of people you want photos with. INCLUDE NAMES. Common groupings include: - bride alone - groom alone - first look with bride and groom (plan for an additional 20 minutes or so) - bride and groom together - bride and groom with their children - bride with her parents - bride and groom with her parents - groom with his parents - bride and groom with his parents - bride and groom with both sets of parents together - bride and groom with bride's parents and grandparents - bride with bride's grandparents - bride and groom with groom's parents and grandparents - bride and groom with groom's parents - bride and groom with bride's parents and siblings - bride and groom with groom's parents and siblings - bride with siblings - groom with siblings - bride with maid of honor - groom with best man - bride and groom with bridal party - bride and groom with flower girl and ring bearer - bride and groom with full bridal party + flower girl and ring bearer - bride and groom with both sides of family (large group shot)
Anything else you want us to know?