Getting to Know Your Photographers

When it comes to your wedding day, you can't underestimate the importance of feeling comfortable and confident with your photographer. This is why we prioritize our relationships with our brides and grooms. And this is why we like to share a bit about ourselves.

I am Jenn, and Shannon is my husband. We met in Northern California where I grew up. When we met we already shared a mutual passion for photography. My love for photography started young. My dad had a darkroom in our house, and I remember getting my first camera when I was about 6. We went on regular outings to check out cool places and take photos. In high school I wanted to study photojournalism in college, but got side tracked and ended up studying sociology and then becoming a teacher. 

By the time I met Shannon I had been in the classroom for a few years, but always maintained a love for photography. Meanwhile, Shannon studied photography and started a business doing mostly commercial and event photography. When we went on our first date, Shannon brought along his big cameras and we intended to take photos, but spent most of the time chatting and hiking, and only took a couple of photos of wild turkeys just to say we did. Since then we've been on many more adventures and taken many more photos together! 

When we decided to get married we wanted to keep it simple, so we decided to elope to Hawaii. A week before we were supposed to leave, Shannon was in a motorcycle accident on his way home from work and ended up spending 9 weeks in the hospital. During his hospital stay, while he was wheelchair bound and with 2 shattered wrists, we were able to be married at City Hall. Although not what we had planned for, it was a pretty awesome day. We eventually made it to Maui and renewed our vows less than a year later. And it was shortly after that that I decided it was time to get our photography business up and running. 

We worked together to rebuild our website and establish a client base in California where we were living. At that time, I was working as an education manager for a small non-profit which gave me the opportunity to photograph some events, and that's when I knew what I wanted to do. Weddings!

In our first couple years shooting weddings I was honored to be chosen by over 50 couples to document their big day. I fell in love with capturing the details, as well as all the vivid emotion that comes out on such a day. We developed our style and our strategies for capturing the moments that we knew our couples would treasure. 

Then, as adventures never cease, we were given the opportunity to move to Columbus. I put the breaks on things in California knowing that we were going to be moving, although we will still be traveling back for some weddings we have booked with some seriously awesome couples. Once I started getting settled in Columbus my mind was wandering to a slightly more polished version of what we could provide for our couples. I wanted to make our experience something more boutique-like. Something with a hint more... sweetness. Hence, Touch Of Honey Photography was born - mostly just a new name with a new logo from your end. But a bit more happening behind the scenes here to make each couple's experience with us just that much more special. 

So I've told you a bit about us. We'll be sharing more in time, so come back to keep up with what we're doing, and I encourage you to follow us on social media (links at bottom of this page). Now, please share something about you! You'll find a contact form on our homepage, or you're always welcome to reach out directly. We look forward to hearing from you!


Best wishes,

Jenn & Shannon Mormon

650-380-3556 (cell)


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